Terms of Service

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by you and the Canadian Society of Breast Imaging (‘CSBI’), and comes into effect at the time you become a CSBI member.

Membership Benefits

As part of having a membership with the CSBI, the member will have access to CSBI’s digital video library and other educational resources and receive reduced registration rates for educational offerings.

Membership Dues and Validity

Membership dues are paid at the time of signing up as a member to the CSBI. Memberships are valid for 365 days from the initial date of membership and can be renewed annually thereafter. 

No refunds are issued for an early termination of a membership. However, if the Member has activated auto-renew for their annual membership fees, the Member can terminate their membership at any point and for any reason and will not be charged at their next billing cycle. 


The Member agrees that they will not:

  • Share their login information with non-members
  • Reproduce any of the information received as part of their membership and/or share it with non-members, unless expressly authorized to do so by the CSBI
  • Download any of CSBI’s image and video files without written consent from the CSBI
  • Record any talks that the CSBI delivers and/or hosts
  • Post inappropriate, inaccurate, discriminatory, or offensive content to membership forums and discussions


The Member will not hold the CSBI liable for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen to them while being a member of the society.  

Membership Termination

The CSBI has a right to terminate the Member’s membership if any of the terms and the conditions of this Agreement are violated. 

By clicking accept, the Member confirms that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. 

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