Education Standing Committee

This Education Standing Committee aims to further CSBI’s mission statement and promote excellence in breast imaging, quality education and  to provide quality education, evidence-based information to patients, physicians, and organizations across Canada through early detection of screening.


  • Dr. Supriya Kulkarni (Chair)
  • Dr. Anna Wilkinson
  • Dr. Connie Hapgood
  • Dr. Jean Seely
  • Dr. Anat Kornecki
  • Dr. Carolyn Flegg
  • Dr. Charlotte Yong-Hing
  • Dr. Heather Martin
  • Dr. Isabelle Gauthier
  • Dr. Jacqueline Lau
  • Dr. Mona El Khoury
  • Dr. Nancy Wadden
  • Christie Barbesin

Artificial Intelligence Working Group

The CSBI Artificial Intelligence Working Group aims to collaborate with multidisciplinary Canadian experts who have been working individually or in partnership with artificial intelligence (AI)  technology to analyze current AI initiatives in the field of breast imaging and propose improvements with the involvement of multiple stakeholders.


  • Dr. Heather Martin (Chair)
  • Dr. Anabel Scaranelo 
  • Dr. Charlotte Yong-Hing
  • Christie Barbesin
  • Dr. Isabelle Gauthier
  • Dr. Jean Seely
  • Dr. Raman Verma
  • Dr. Supriya Kulkarni
  • Dr. Yves Loisel
  • Dr. Sri Sannihita Vatturi
  • Dr. Kaitlin Zaki-Metias

Patient Engagement Working Group

The CSBI Patient Engagement Working Group aims to receive direct feedback and guidance from patient partners, aiming to optimize Person-Centred Care in their diagnostic journey and beyond. To date, the patient engagement group has provided patient speakers at the CSBI ASM, led an educational webinar and become involved in a revision of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Maintenance of Certification framework. Future plans include an educational podcast, led by patients and healthcare professionals. 


  • Dr. Shiela Appavoo (Chair)
  • Annie Slight
  • Cheryl White
  • Gaynor Hart
  • Ify McKerlie
  • Jennie Dale
  • Natalie Mills
  • Sue Malley
  • Sue Peters
  • Susan Cram
  • Suzanne Dennis
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